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Thoughts on the CanAm 400 ATV?

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  • Thoughts on the CanAm 400 ATV?

    I have been looking at the CanAM 400 Max ATV because it suits my family of three very well along with my 400 Kodiak. It makes it easier to haul meat and gear also with that removable rear seat. What concerns me is the Max version is 8 inches longer (stretched frame) and still it only has 9.3 inches of ground clearance? The 800 version has 12 inches of clearance but that is far more engine than I need or want. Otherwise, some of the features like the inboard disk brakes, suspension, and 4WD system make it an impressive machine. Your thoughts?

    -Happy trails,


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    Bombardier 400 max

    We have an 2005 Outlander 400 max and like it. It's my first ATV so I don't really have any basis for comparison though. We haven't put many miles on it but they have been rough ones. We use it to get back and forth from our cabin in Trapper Creek - 7 miles round trip - and not much else.

    However, its a hard 7 miles. There will be two people on the machine, a 65 pound deep cycle battery up front, usually 50 lbs of crap on the back, and we pull a trailer that weighs upwards of 500 lbs loaded. All this goes down a trail with a bazillion tree roots and lots of mud and water. We'll usually get stuck once or twice and have to winch out. Last trip we bent the trailer axle but so far the Oulander has held up.

    It is longer than a standard machine but is far more comfortable with two people on it. My biggest complaint would be the gear shift lever. It always sticks and you have to rock the machine to get it to move into another gear. Not a big problem for our use but I don't think I'd want to use it for plowing snow where you are going in and out of reverse all the time.


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      I have an 03 Outlander 400 XT and love it. Haven't had any problems. The other day I drove my buddies Outlander 800, and man that was a mistake. Now I want one! It's like going from a Bravo to a Firecat, well maybe not that bad. But it was very impressive.


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        Thanks for the reviews

        Its good to hear some positive reviews. I did notice in the brochure that the 500 model has almost 2 inches more clearance (11) than the 400 model and it is fuel injected. I wonder if the fuel injection gets better gas mileage?



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          See my other post


          In addition to my other post my best buddy has a 400 Max XT with a plow. He and I both shift gears using the "Bomb hump". You'll understand once you have one.

          The max has some problems with getting up and over some obstacles that high-center the rear end. Its not too big of a problem and no matter which model you choose I'd get a pair of Mudlites if you are really going into crappy areas. Yeah, yeah, I used to say while riding on my stock Carlisles. I thought that it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo but have become a believer over the last six months. They are the real deal. Try out one of the 500s if you need the extra clearance. Jacking up a 400 with balloon tires is not the way to get more clearance. Well, maybe a little, but not too much...

          Anyways, the ultimate ride that I can imagine presently is the 800cc XT MAX version that is dropped on top of a set of LiteFoot Mattracks in order to kick maximum ***!!!!

          Good luck,



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