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    I have a 5x8' box trailer which I plan to use for my ATV. I need some ramps though, so I can roll it up in there. Do you guys make your own, or is there a place around that I could shop for some ramps that would be suitable for my trailer? Or, do you have any other suggestions as to what I could use?
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    Easy fix

    Go to wally world and get some metal brackets they have for lawn tractor and misc equipment. Get you some 2 X 10's and boom, been using mine for 6 years. About 30 bucks.



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      If you have some steel laying around and access to a welder it is easy enough to slap some together. If not then you can buy some nice aluminum ramps from a dealer. Ramps like these are rated at 1500 pounds and up. Arched ones are 2000 and 3000 pounds. Saw some arched 2000 pound ones at the Polaris shop for $160. They were 6 foot long so they would work for a pickup also.

      You can also make some cheap out of 2x12 with a bracket on the ends to keep them from slipping off the back of the trailer or tailgate. Not that I've ever done that.


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        If you choose the 2X route, you would be wise to install a small eyebolt on the bottom side just behind where it lays on the trailer. You then could attach a strap or the like to the trailer to prevent spitting out a ramp. In reality this is a good idea with any ramp that isn't fastened.


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