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  • Brake question

    I just replaced the front and rear brakes on my 99 Big Bear. The front ended up fine, but the rear (drum) went in TIGHT. The hand and foot lever are both hard to depress, and have to really be manhandled to get them to work. I have messed around with the adjustments on the back of the machine, but I can't figure out what might be wrong. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance


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    I am no master of drum brakes but I would check the rear brake cable and lube up really good, and if it is gunked up bad I would replace it. That is where I would start.


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      Did they work properly before the brake job?

      Do the wheels spin freely with no brake applied, or does it feel like the brakes are dragging?

      Sounds to me like you need to back off the adjustment on the rear brake shoes. You want it so when you spin the wheel your just hear the drum contact the shoe.


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        I was going to mention the same thing FarmerGrant but this sentence said to me that he already tried to adjust the linkage. Maybe I am wrong?

        I have messed around with the adjustments on the back of the machine, but I can't figure out what might be wrong


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          Why did you change the shoes in the first place? Was everything working fine before you changed them?


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            tight brakes

            You may want to check the brake cam. it is the piece that spreads the shoes apart. it runs through the backing plate that the brakes are mounted on. it is splined on one end where the cable arm in mounted and flat on the other between the brakes. they will freeze up in the backing plate makeing them hard to twist and activate the brakes. if this is the case you need to pull it out clean and lube it real well and replace the seal on it when you put it back in.

            If my description has you lost send me the make modle and year of your wheeler and I will send you a pic of the location and piece.



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              check this out

              the piece I am talking about is # 21 in this pic



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                for all the replies guys. I just got back from a sheep (turned black bear hunt) so I'll tinker with those brakes tomorrow. Farmer Grant: I changed the brakes because there was nothing left of them. They did work fine prior to replacement. When I apply the brakes, it does feel as though they stick a little after I let off. smwwoody: Thanks for the info. I'll check all of those parts tomorrow


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