Suzuki King Quad 300 bearing problems



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  • Suzuki King Quad 300 bearing problems

    OK, so I pick up this '01 King Quad in Wassilla after an internet arrangement. I had known that the body was rough and that it needed new wheel bearings. Sure enough, I roll it into my truck bed from his, and start it up. Runs smooth,no smoke, shifts smooth, but noise from the wheels as I was told. I stop by Fish Creek Sales to pick up some new bearings and head home. When I roll it off the truck and move it to the place I'm going to work on it, it's making considerable noise in the wheels, but I leave it to work on later.
    Tearing into it today I find that the bearings have self destructed inside the hubs and have created deep grooves on the inner wall of the housing. I still haven't gotten out all the bearings (do I need to have them hydraulically pressed out?), but at this point I am wondering if the wishbones/swing axels(?) are even any good since they are so scored...? It seems like there are some pretty old machines out there, and some must have similar problems. Can a guy just fill up the whole housing with grease? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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    In years past I maintained several King Quads. Even though they were older then the one you are having issues with, I believe the spindles/hubs are about the same. I had some that the wheel bearings came a part in and as long as the surface where the bearing and seal seated I reused the hubs. On one I had to get a 'speedy sleeve' to clean up the surface on the shaft but they all did fine. I did not 'pack' the hub with grease but I did put enough in them for protection. One thing I did do though was to use 'Bel-Ray' water proof grease in them. While it did not keep all of the water out, it did offer more protection.
    Hope this helps.


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      Speedy sleeve?

      Thanks Bearcat. Being a newbie to the recreational side of 4-wheeling (I've had several wheelers, but always used them for commercial fishing, and had them maintained), I'm not really sure what you mean by a "speedy sleeve".
      Could you enlighten me before I go get these old bearings pressed out? and speaking of which, is there another way to get them out besides having them pressed?


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