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    We own a Bombardier Outlander Max and use it mainly to get to our cabin a few miles off the Parks Highway. In the winter we go in with snowmachines. It is much easier to haul large/heavy stuff in the winter, but right now, my hauling sled is a RMK 800 which isn't designed to pull heavy loads slowly down a packed trail.

    Our Outlander just sits, covered up, for 8 months of the year. Now Bombardier has come out with their own set of ATV tracks and I'm wondering if they are worth getting. They aren't cheap, but they cost about half of a Scandic or other freight-hauling snowmachine. Any body have first hand experience with these, especially pulling a load down a trail?

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    Only a "few" miles off the Parks. Is that few as in 3-5, or as in over 20?
    I'm not familiar with the tracks your asking about, but I am familiar with trying to use a 4 stroke 4 wheeler in cold weather........as in below 0. 4 strokes are more sensitive to cold. Harder to start than the 2 stroke snogo.
    You might consider getting a cheaper snogo. I believe Yamaha is selling new Bravo longtracks. These are fairly inexpensive machines but will pull a load. They may not have the umph to pull loads uphill, but are otherwise versatile machines. There are other brands of snogos that alsao may fit your need.
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      Just a few miles

      We're talking 3.5 very rough/muddy miles in the summer, 2.5 not so bad miles in the winter.

      Part of my interest in the tracks is that we spent a lot of money on an ATV that really doesn't see a lot of use. The summer trail is so bad, we ride in, stay all weekend, and then ride out - 7 miles total. Looks like with these tracks, I could fill a need and put this machine to more use. Plus, I've got so many engines to take care of now, I don't relish the thought of another.

      The cold start problem I hadn't really thought of. I think the coldest I've ever started this ATV is a balmy 35 degrees.


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        Sell the 800 and get a 550 RMK. Much better gas mileage, good puller, not too heavy, and way more versatile than putting the ATV on tracks..........at least in the snow.
        I would think the ATV, even on wheels, would work on your trail until there is over a foot of snow.
        I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
        I have less friends now!!


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          Keeping the 800

          Not going to get rid of the RMK 800. I didn't buy it to haul stuff, and hauling stuff is just a means to an end. In it's element, deep and steep, I am very happy with my 800. I need something else to haul stuff to the cabin and keep the trail groomed so I stop burning up belts and overheating the 800.


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            Another sled...

            What about investing in a good used hauling sled instead of the tracks? You can find an old Skandic or one of the wide track varieties in great shape for cheap any more. Throw $1,500-$2,000 toward a hauler that you aren't afraid of working hard and keep the RMK in the powder!

            I have heard the tracks put a LOT of stress on the steering linkage and running gear not to mention they have to be a beast to turn.

            Just another $.02

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              On Arctic Trails there is a guy who bought Kimpex traxs for his KQ 700. Here are a few posts from him.



              Have you watched the Bomb Apache track system video?


              Besides the fact "Best Handling" "Best Steering" and the "Best Traction" themes are beaten into the viewers mind I thought the video lacked any kind of deep snow. Heck, an Eton 50 would have made it through the same terrain.


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                Thanks Water Gremlin,

                I've seen a few videos but not that one. I agree, they aren't going to put out a promotional video that shows it getting stuck. That's why I was asking for real world experiences.


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