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honda fourtrax troubles

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  • honda fourtrax troubles

    I have a 88 honda fourtrax that just started giving me troubles. It starts great, idles fine but just starts to sputter really bad above idle like its missing then the black smoke starts like its to fat. I have bebuilt the carb by cleaning all the ports, installed a new vacuum pod, checked the vents and cleaned and re oiled the filter.
    After all the work, same results. I then tried removing the filter and when I place my hand over the intake "loosely" and restrict most of the air. It runs fine and revs up great. This is the reason I replaced all the orings and vacuum pod in it thinking it had a leak and wouldnt allow the slider to open. If I create enough restriction the carb has enough vacuum from the engine to open the slider, any ides? Thanks

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    My 92 Fourtrax 300 was doing something similar and it ended up being the choke. The rubber O-ring at the carb end was deteriorating and messed all kinds of stuff up. $45 for a new cable and carb end and it is running considerably better now.

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      88 honda carb

      I had a 89 350 foretrax with the same trouble. Turned out the tip had broke off my jet. ( I broke it off by accident during a home carb overhaul and didnt catch it). Pull the carb and take it to honda. Itll be the best plan in the long run. They will catch the little stuff you might have missed. Better to have piece of mind 10 miles back in the bush.


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        Thanks for the info, maybe Sunday I can check a few more things out. This type of thing bothers me, I repair million dollar machines at work but cant figure out a simple old carb! Thanks again!


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          Its probably the choke. These guys have it nailed.
          My old fourtrax always had a sticky choke plunger....Lube the cable while you are fixing the carb. Make it slide like an otter on ice....
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