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Jim Creek water levels

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  • Jim Creek water levels

    I was thinking about heading out to Jim Creek and was wondering about the water levels. Is the water level such that relative novices can head across or has the recent rain made it unthinkable? Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    I was just there THursday and the levels were not much more than normal. Water is slightly more cloudy, but still pretty clear. I drove my truck so it wasn't a big deal but there did seem to be a deeper than normal hole on the down stream side of the first log on the first sand bar. That's if you go in up next to the trees and shoot for the two exposed sand bars. Either jump hte log in the middle or look at going around it to the left (upstream side).

    Keep a slow but steady pace going but don't stop. Even if there is only 4 inches of water it could be soft silt and the current will wash your tires right in. ONce stuck it is hard to get out. Slowly lifting the rear rack, with help, will free the tires form the suction.

    Good luck, BR


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      As of yesterday the water is incredibly low, but that is normal for this time of year.


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        Thanks to both of you for the information. Went out today and had no trouble. Good call on keeping to the left of the trunk.
        Thanks again.


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