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    I am currently looking at new tires for my ATV and have a few questions. First has anyone had any experiences with the executioners? I currently own an '05 Polaris Sportsman 400 and I do not want to weigh it down with too much tire however I want a much more aggressive/durable tire than stock.

    Second, I noticed the rear tires are a 25x11-12. The Kenda's are sized in a 25x10-12; I assume this is a smaller tire (width-wise). Is this an acceptable loss in overall size?

    Could this ATV handle 26" tires?

    I know these are a lot of questions but I want to hear from actual people who use their machines not the guys in the shop trying to sell their brand of tires.



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    I just had a pair installed on the front of my 6x6. Even though the size is stated as eight inch wide they are at least an inch wider than the eight inch wide stock tires.
    They are very aggressive! You will feel the lugs when making sharp turns on hard ground. At slow speed you will feel some vibration but that goes away higher speeds.
    I have only had them for a week but so far I have been impressed.
    The only bad thing is that they are made in Taiwan.


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      You shouldn't have any trouble going to a 25x10x12, I run 26x9x12 XL Mudlites all the way around on my Foreman and have no problems at all. Check out the Mudlites, they are not overally aggressive and are a great trail tire, a little shimmy at 5 mph on pavement but who rides on pavement anyways.


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