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    Just got back from a wet and muddy ride at king river. what a mess. The rain was not good for the trail. somebody had to make a new trail (old trail was washed out) right there at the Y (where you can go to the permaneti trail or king), and just before you break out on top, theres a stretch where no matter which way you go, the rocks will definitly hit your skidplate. Its a little more technical than what it used to be.

    Overall had a great ride. something about slinging mud in the sun that gets me going. Only had the old Moto-4 buried once, the hawkeye buried once and the brute almost buried (he definitly needs to get the stock tires off that brute).

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    Sounds like a blast. I love riding Kings River. The mud, water, and steep climbs alone worth the trip. The scenary is majestic too. Most think the trail ends about 10 miles in after the summit lakes. There is a trail to the right before the suspected end of the trail. I have rode this trail for dozens of miles. the climb down is nasty though. Very technical desend and climb, its nothing for the inexperienced. Good times.


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      King's River

      I was just up there last week also and there is a fresh kill on the new trail there so look out for bears. Me and a buddy were riding the trail the day it washed out. It had been dry and dusty till we got near the permentee fork and there was water all over the trail. We rode the deluge all the way up til we saw where a log had diverted the flow of snow melt off into the trail. When we came back it was raging and there was a big divot cut out of the trail. We blazed around it until got back to the trail. I think A property owner took advantage of the erosion to offset the trail farther away from their property line.



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        Yeah BR, that gutpile is getting real ripe. It didnt look disturbed but it is just a manner of time til a bear gets on it.


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