Is Anybody Running The New Argo "Avenger"



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  • Is Anybody Running The New Argo "Avenger"

    I've had Argo's before and for my money, you can not find a better machine (for what I need to do). However, I have not had any experience with the new "Avenger" model. I have run "Conquest" models with tracks in the winter BUT I'm wondering if anybody is running with the new rubber tracks available on the "Conquest" and if so, what do you think of them? Just doing my homework before I buy.

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    Off subject...

    but how much are the new argos going for?



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      MEtracker ,

      I have been running 5 argo conquest for the last few years in my business and I know a few guys that have the Avengers and I have not added them to my business because if the track question you ask...The guys I know say and I have seen it that the guides on the tracks bust very easy and All season Argo said they are working on building a stronger guide, The other down side as you might know is with the plastic tracks you can take a link out to tighten them the only way to tighten the rubber tracks is with air pressure once your tires are at max your tracks are no good, I do not know about you but I run 5 lbs of air in the center 2 tires and 3 lbs in the front and rear in all my argos makes turning alot easier, The new Avengers next year are also going to be geared lower as they have been having a few problems with the tranny in them now

      As far as Conquest rubber tracks they do not make them I was in there the other day and Jason said alot of people were trying to put the rubber Avenger tracks on the conquest and burning up trannys and engines.

      If you know someone else other than argo thats making rubber tracks tell.....



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        I have a 05 Avenger that I bought with a set of tracks, as you mentioned I had a lot of problems with the plastic tire guides, I understand that Argo has some new guides they are trying but I haven't seen them, I found tracks at that looked good and after talking to them, bought a set, from what I was told they are made by the same people that make the Argo tracks only they are 20" wide and have metal guides, plus they make them for all Argo's, 6 or 8 wheel, I have not had any problems with mine and have had them on since late last fall.



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          My family has been using Argos since the early 80's. We are now running the Avengers and they are top notch. I dont have the tracks but my uncle does and I went everywhere he did on last falls moose hunt. They definatly help, but I think the tracks are awful hard on the machine it seems like the argo has to work harder to manuver around. I'm sure on the snow it would be a different story.


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            More HP

            The 2007 Argo Avenger will have as an option a fuel injected 31 HP motor. No more carb problems and much more power. With the tranny option for tracks it will not hurt the Argo to run tracks in the least. I hear they will be about $3000 more than 2006 with the engine option included. I want to get one as it's the only way to get way back with out any problems like our 4 wheeler friends have with the mud and swamps. Like the thread above noted try to get the tracks from that store in Canada as they are better than stock.


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              Are the Argo's and Max's compareable? I've never run either one. Just curious.


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                Avenger Tracks

                Ric, are the tracks you bought for the Avenger plastic or rubber. I'm running just tires on my Avenger and have had no problems going anywhere moose hunting. I don't use the machine in the winter though.


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                  Argo and Max

                  Farmer Grant both the Argo and the Max are good. They are both built a little different but both perform well. Argos cost more but you get what you pay for. Argo also has 8 wheelers available. Max are made in in the USA and the Argo in Canada. Just my opinion but an Argo Avenger on rubber tracks is heaven on earth.


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                    Guys, just thought I'd chime in with a plug for the Avenger.
                    I used to hunt a local spot that got taken ove by 4 wheeler gangs several years ago. It is a great spot and usually holds some legal moose this time of year, but with all of the people out there just driving around there was to much competition so I moved on.

                    Anyway, with all of this rain I didnt know if anybody could get into this spot so I decided to give it a try. When I got out there I found 3'-5' of standing water in the trails with a very soft mushy bottom, perfect conditions for the Avenger! It had just enough flotation to keep you out of the mush and we swam our way out where nobody else was able to go this year. I saw where the 4-6 wheelers had tried but turned around.

                    Long story short I swam out and found it to be like opening morning. Lots of moose and they were not spooked at all. We passed on one bull that we were 95% sure was legal, and later found a fork and my buddy shot him. In all we saw 3 bulls and several cows.

                    With out the Argo we would not have been able to get out there.

                    I know the wheelers have there place, but for me its Argo all the way!!


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                      Always a place for Argos

                      Northriver 21 you made a good choice on that hunt. There are plenty of swampy wet areas in Alaska where you can only use an Argo or something along those lines. Let the fourwheelees have the drier areas with little or no moose due to the hunting pressure. Pick an spot thats swampy somewhere along the way and you will lose all the pressure and fourwheelees behind. Almost as good as flying out, maybe even better as you don't have to walk once you get to the hunting area. The best part is that the Argos don't tear up the ground like the fourwheelees and they can haul much, much more gear for that ultimate hunting camp. Now don't get me wrong as four wheelees do have their place but when it comes to hunting that place is in the back of a truck.....for traction! Perhaps we can convert those four wheelees into trailers that we can tow behind an Argo or Max....Nah, they still wouldn't float.


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                        Just when I thought I'd get a 4-wheeler, these little birds keep chirping in my ear. Does anyone in Kenai or Soldotna sell Argos? I'd like to call for prices or go check them out. They seem a bit slow though. How many of you Argo guys actually use them in the winter?
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                          Winter fun

                          Anchorage has the only dealership in Alaska. The Argo Avenger goes very well on snow with it's optional rubber tracks. It will go thru very deep snow due to the low ground pressure. With a cab and the heater on you will stay warm and toasty. The top speed is only 20 MPH but it will go anywhere and when your hunting birds or rabbits in the winter thats fast enough. It will go thru deeper snow than snowmachines at slow speed which is good when your in the tight stuff or stop and go stuff like when your hunting in the Mtns. Snowmachines are the way to go for most winter travel but if your lookig for an all around all year rig the Argos or Max can't be beat. Tracks in winter and real swamy stuff and wheels the rest of the time. Haul big loads and stay warm and dry.


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                            The tracks that I bought for my Avenger are rubber, they look the same as the stock tracks only they are 2" wider and have metal tire guides and backing plates, look at the link on my first reply. I've been running them for almost a year now with no problems. I guess it's all about where you are wanting to go but if it's muddy and swampy then tracks are the way to go.


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                              You guys had better stop plugging the Argos. I'm seeing more and more of them.

                              Pretty soon folks will be invading those new hunting spots we've found with their own, new Argos.

                              I know. I was one of the first guys in the Valley with an ATV in the early 80's.

                              I was also one of the first to abandon them after a family jewel of a hunting spot got invaded by folks who bought their own, and followed my tracks.............


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