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  • Eureka Trails?

    First of all, has anyone been up towards Eureka in the past couple of days? I'm wondering what effect this rain has had on the trails.

    I hunted that area as a kid, but haven't ridden those trails in more than 10 years. I seem to remember the main trail behind Eureka as being pretty darn good. Is that still the case? Any pointers you could share? I got a Tier II tag for the first time in 6 years this fall. While I'm much more familiar with the Denali Highway area, I only have the weekend so Eureka would be much closer and therefore more realistic. Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Had some friends go up there this weekend, they said the weather was good and water levels were not that bad. They also saw tons of caribou and a bunch of moose too.


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      If you drive a couple of miles beyond the lodge you will find a huge unpaved parking lot on the left hand side. Pull in there and park. The only really bad part of the trail is the first couple of mud holes. After that it is pretty good. Getting to and crossing the Little Nelchina is easy.


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        I just talked to a guy from Glennallen. He said the Glenn by the Lake Louise cutoff was lightly white when he went through. Make sure that anyone going in has provisions to stay dry and warm. Snow, hail and cold rain can create a hypothermic situation. There is some wood up from Monument on the Little Nil, but some areas have little or no burnables. Summer can't be gone can it?
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          If these clouds hang in there we are all in for a very white hunting season. Not uncommon for our camp to wake up to 4" of snow in the morning, but if this keeps up it will be more like a foot or two! Brrrrrrr.


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            caribou out of eureka

            AK 45,

            Did your friends indicate how far in they were, past Nelchina, etc.? We're planning on heading to the Paxson side but may reconsider as I assumed-apparently incorrectly-that the rains would have made Eureka very problematic.



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              All I know is they rode in at least to Monument and dont know how much further they went in. Evidently the rains didn't cause them to many problems as there are a few spots between the highway and Monument that can be tricky when the waters are high.


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