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  • Older Suzuki's

    Well I've found a few Suzuki's I'm looking at. A 01 King Quad 300 and a 02 Quad Runner 250.

    The only thing I see different between these two is the engine size and front tire size. Anything else?

    Anything in particular I should take a close look at?


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    That's it......You named it. If all looks good, it comes down to engine. Now there are a few more after-market items for the 300 than the 250. But they are the same machine. The only thing I'd really look at is, how well the tranny shifts and and cv's (boots), and of course, is it leaking anything?


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      a couple other differences...

      If I remember right, the 250 is running about 20 hp while the 300 is around 22 hp. The fenders on the KQ used to be considerably better (more coverage) than on the 250 and it had an oil cooler with a high temp warning light. My experience was with 1997 machines, so the 01 and 02 may be more similar than what I have been around.

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        One thing that caught my attention was only having one drum on the rear. I know the rear doesn't do as much braking, it is just odd looking. And there is a tube coming off the bottom of the drum, looks like a vent or a drain? Seems like it could get ripped off pretty easily.

        I didn't look at where the air intake is. In an old brochure I was reading it said it had a snorkle intake. How high is it?


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          Originally posted by FarmerGrant
          One thing that caught my attention was only having one drum on the rear.
          That's all most Honda's have too right up through the 06' models and I imagine the 07's will be the same.

          Sounds like you might be looking for a lightweight machine. If you come across a Arctic Cat 250 4x4 jump on it. I had one and kick myself everyday for getting rid of it. They have a super low range that will pull anything and climb anything.


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            I'm pretty sure the AC has the same engine/tranny as the Suzuki.

            They both weight about the same, AC is 590 and Suzuki was like 540. Don't know how accurate that is though. Just what I found on the net.


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              Yeah I also believe that the AC has the Suzuki engine. I am surprised they weight that much. When I had the AC 250 I also had two AC 500's and they seemed to weigh a ton more than the 250. I could pick up either end of the 250 and throw it around. My new Rubicon only weighs 600lbs.


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                I would remove the rubber seal from the rear brake drum. These machines are famous for permitting water to enter the rear brakes and then having everything freeze tight (personal experience speaking here). With the seals removed the water drains easily.


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