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    I broke down and spent the money on a ebs system for my 6 wheeler. I did not like the way the 6 wheeler was oriogionaly built with having to give it gas steer and brake when going down a steep hill. Other wise it would just spin as the clutch was not engaged. Has anyone out there used this ebs system if so what do you think? I know it is to late for me as oi have already gotten it but i am looking for suggestions ideas and comments on how you like it or not. Thanks Viktor

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    I have ebs on a sportsman 500. Great system its about the only thing I like about that bike. Well it does have a nice ride to. It saves alot of wear and tear on your brakes as well. I have had several people ride behind me tell me they thought my brake light was out which was not the case I just had not used my brakes all day.Good look with your bike. Horse


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      You will love it! I have it on my 04 6x6 and don't know how anyone makes it without it. It will gear down so low that the rear tires will slide on a steep slope because they are turning so slow. The trick to the EBS is if the hill is really steep and you want to go very slow then start out slow. It kind of matches the speed you start out at. The slower you go at the start, the slower it will keep you going. Bump the throttle and it will maintain the new speed pretty well.

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