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broken Suzuki Vinson, need help troubleshooting it

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  • broken Suzuki Vinson, need help troubleshooting it

    I have an 05 Vinson 500 4wd with low range. I was backing out of a mud hole in low range and all of the sudden I have no more tire movement. Forward and reverse low range do not work. Hi range 4wd and 2wd work fine. When I shift into low range and shift the transmission into first, it engages solidly with a slight jolt, just like normal, but when I give it gas, it nudges forward an inch or so then the motor starts to bog like something inside is holdign it back. Any suggestions?

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    how about a service manual? Anyone have one of those?


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      I would pull the t-case drain and see what comes out.


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        an update to this. I took the sub tranny off of the quad with the help of an online IPB and my camera. I found out that one of the gears in the sub tranny had an inside diameter bushing that seized. So I took a gear puller to it, got it off of there, and I am getting ready to replace it, rebuild, and ride!


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          update to the update.
          96 dollars in parts:
          1 low range gear
          1 sleeve bushing
          1 snap ring
          1 illustrated parts breakdown from Mr.
          1 specialty tool...3 jaw gear puller

          So the story is, I took the sub transmission apart, found that the low range gear that floats on a sleeved bushing was seized together. Then I downloaded an illustrated parts breakdown from
          I used a 3 jaw puller to get the gear off of the splined shaft, then ordered the parts from Northern Power Sports. Once they came in, it was a relatively easy re-assembly in about 4 hours.

          For anyone who has this problem with their 2002-2006 Suzuki or Arctic Cat, I recommend doing this repair yourself and savign over $500 in labor for a job that the layman mechanical mind can grasp.


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            Sound to me you might have spun a gear or broken a pin give me call (907)529-7633


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              i had the same problem with my eiger but i was wondering if you had a wiring diagram from where u did yours please and thanks


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