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  • Where to buy ATV tires and rims

    Where is a good place to buy ATV tires and rims in the Anch/Valley area?

    I am looking for goodyear rawhides 25x11.5-9, and the type of rimes like you see on an argo or a meat trailer that would take that size tire.

    Anyone have any good tips??


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    Talk to Snowwolfe...

    He recently bought tires from the lower 48 and got a great deal on shipping. You might find out from him who he was dealing with. If you can work out a decent shipping arrangement, buying on-line is usually your best bet for a good price.

    WWW.traxms.com has some good prices.

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      ATV tires and rims

      I just bought a set of ITP 589's on steel rims for a Rubicon at Alaska Parts Warehouse in the Valley. They met the best price I found on the internet with shipping. Very good folks to deal with. Order showed up in less than 2 weeks. Iwould buy from them again.


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        try www.rockymountainatv.com they always have good deals on tires and any order over 100 bucks shipping is free, at least it is down here.


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          For us Alaskan's no one ships to us for free. Here is what I have found to be the cheapest and the most reliable system. and I have ordered three sets of tires in the last 6 months doing it.

          First, Send an email to http://www.precisionpowersports.com/ and ask for Art and tell him what you want. For my new Arctic Cat (which I havent picked up yet) I ordered ITP series 7 wheels with 27 Mud Lite's. 12 wide for the rear and 10 wide for the front. The company charged me $575 for the kit which includes the tires being mounted and the center caps and lugs. They will then ship them free to Carlile frieght in Tacoma, Washington. Carlile then charges about $70 to ship (via barge) everything up to Anchorage. You must call them first for an address and a quote and they will tell you how the items should be addressed. Once they arrive in Anchorage I pick it up at there terminal so I do not have to pay any additional delivery fee's.
          System works like a charm. I ordered the tire kit for my Arctic Cat on Friday and Carlile called me today telling me the tires were in Tacoma and expected in Anchorage by next Wednesday. I have $650 in the kit and local dealers wanted $1,000 and up for the exact same thing claiming the price was so high do to freight costs.

          But after reading Talkeetnakids post he sounds like he may have a cheaper way provided his dealer only charged him the $70 for shipping.


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            I was qouted $803 for 27 inch 589's on rims with caps and lugs at Alaska Parts Warehouse. After some extensive research on the "net", the very best deal I could find to include shipping was $738. I called Alaska Parts Warehouse again, told them what I came up with and asked that if they could come close to $738 shipped, I would buy from them as I would rather see my money stay local. They did better than that, they actually met the price. Again, no complaints here. They are off of Pittman Road out in the valley. Number is in the phone book.


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              Goodyear Rawhides

              They come stock on some Arctic Cats and can be bought from the dealer when someone trades out for mud tires. Call some AC stores and ask. They can be as low as $40/tire basically new. (They also fit easily on stock rims)


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                Which Arctic Cat models have the rawhides? I ask because I am purchasing a new 700 next week and the tires and wheels are for sale.


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