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    Since RuttingMoose brought up the idea of renting my PakRat I have been thinking about adding my wheeler to make a good hunting package. ANyone know what kind of legal mumbo jumbo I would need should I decide to do this??

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    I'd be leary....

    I think you could bury yourself deep renting the ATV. Think about worst case.... A novice rider goes out and rolls it over on him/herself, brakes fail going down Monument mountain..., or how about engine quits 40 miles out in the middle of nowwhere and leaves the helpless renters stranded, they have to fend for themselves, bears around every corner, lucky to be alive, lack of preparation leaves them in a life or death situation. They didn't bring survival gear because that nice guy that rented it to them said "It's a won't have any problems" (the last renter put year old gas from a dirty Jerry jug out of his shed in it before returning it to you). The waiver you had them sign isn't worth the paper it's written on if they find a good lawyer (that is if they make it out alive!).

    Other than that, you should be fine )

    (I think I'd limit it to the trailer)

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      Ya if you want to rent the ATV contact a lawyer first. My wife spent 20 years working in the legal field and she has taught me (and others) to CYA!
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        LOL..........thats some funny stuff, actually, I was only thinking of renting to people that I know personaly. I use to rent atv's before I bought the Foreman, never had any problems and the guy I rented from made me sign a release before he let me have the machine.


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          Question's that needs to be resolved before you rent it out. If it breaks down who pays for the repairs?
          If it becomes stranded due to a part breaking not the fault of the renter, who pays to come get the machine?
          I wouldnt rent it out. If a friend wants to borrow it thats a different story.


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            I know of someone who used to barter their atv's. They would lend their ATV's to friends in return for other stuff or favors. Guess what happened to their atv's at the end of the year? They were ruined. Neither would start, let alone run properly. It was quite obvious they were beat to a pulp.

            I have had a few people, that I knew very well, ask to borrow my equipment. Each and every time I tell them NO. If they want to ride it for a few miles on the trail that is fine as long as I am around.


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              You guys talked me out of it! I like my wheeler to much to have someone else break it.


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