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  • hand heater grips

    I'm going to get a Honda fairly soon and I wanted hand warmer grips on it. Would it be best to have the dealer install them, or are they easy to install by yourself? Same goes for the winch...
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    On your lever of mechanical ability and the deal the dealer is offering, Rip. If you work a sweet deal, have the dealer do it. Make it a "must" for you to buy his machine. If you can do basic wiring and ratchet work, you probably have what it takes to install a winch and grips. I did both on my griz and it was no problem. Just make sure your electrical connections are well done and waterproof. Take the time to remove that extra plastic if needed to assure a sano job.

    One more thing, I installed a waterproof, bar-mounted winch toggle, the popular (cheapy) large round grey switch is cr*p and WILL fail when you need it most.
    The grips are easy also, just follow the manuf. instructions, -while you are it it, add the thumb warmer, its worth having.
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      If you can read and follow instructions you can install them yourself, i did mine and the wifes and it was pretty easy, just make sure you get the right adhesive for the grips.


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        Just make sure you use lots of zip ties to hold your wiring against the frame and up off of your hot motor....ooops


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