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Help: Rolled The King Quad In Jim's Creek...

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  • Help: Rolled The King Quad In Jim's Creek...

    I Half-rolled My Suzuki King Quad In Jim's Creek Last Night. Hint--don't Ride With An Adult On The Back, It Really Throws The Weight Off, Not Designed For That. Anyway It Killed The Engine, Got It Started On The Other Side Fine, But The Transmission Was Slipping All The Way Back. Anyone Know What The Problem Could Be? Water In Fluid? I'll Check It Out Later Today, But Just Wondering If Someone Knows What I Should Look For.
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    Look Down

    I Looked Down To The Post On The Honda Rubicon With The Same Problem--i'll Try Changing The Oil, But If Anyone Has Any Suggestions I'd Appreciate It. Thanks.
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      belt slippage

      assuming your king quad is a newer one, your belt was slipping-- it was wet You should have a trap/plug to remove water in the belt area, pull it. Good idea to change all fluids too, and pull all water traps...
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        Water In The Belt

        Thank you master

        I suspected it to be wet, but I figured it would dry out, I didn't think water could be trapped, I'll have to look for the trap to release the water? I'll check it out, and I have to change the oil anyway, so I'll do that.
        (yes it's a 2005) Thank you.
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          If I remember right you have to loosen the bottom skid plate so you can pull it down to reach the drain plug. DO NOT DRAIN YOUR OIL, unless you took in water to your airbox!! You will be wasting your time. The engine oil does not lubricate the belt and its pulleys. Pull the drain plug, let it drain for about 5 minutes, stick the plug back in the whole, and let the machine idle for about 15 minutes. There is a small fan inside the belt housing that will push out the remaining moisture.

          For the future I could take a hole saw and cut a small hole in your skid plate so you have easy access to the drain plug.

          The KQ belt exhaust has a scoop to cover the opening. This is located right under the rear bumper. This scoop will push water right down the belt exhaust if have a decent splash of water. Also its easy to have water enter your belt housing when climbing out of water holes, the back end will dip below the surface.


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            fixed it

            Thank you fullcurl and w.g.
            I drained the plug, just had to reach up and pull a flexible plug with needle-nosed pliers and a gallon of water poured out and it worked great at Jim Creek today. While I was at it I changed the oil and filter though.
            Appreciate the help, ATV's are new to me but I'm learning...
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              owners manual

              consult the owners manual. It will tell you what you need to do in regards to changing any of the fluids...
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                You should still pull the cover off of the clutch and give the clutchs a good cleaning. It's not hard to do. That JC silt on the clutch faces and rollers is like sand paper. Just my .02


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