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New Argo, liquid or air cooled?

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  • New Argo, liquid or air cooled?

    Hi all, I’m looking at a new Argo. Specifically the Aurora model with either the 800 liquid cooled motor or the 850 air cooled. Any feedback or suggestions on the two options?
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    I've always preferred liquid cooled engines in these plastic tub machines because I think the engine sees lower temperatures, especially when run hard and long. Even though both styles depend on air movement to and from the engine compartment over radiators, cylinder fins, and oil coolers, I think the heat transfer is better on the liquid cooled machines. This lowers the possibility of the oil breaking down or blowing head gaskets etc. That being said, I've owned multiple air cooled argo / mudd-ox machines, including the newest one (hunt master 950), and quality oil goes a long way, and so does a higher output hood fan. So far, I have no complaints on my aurora 950. Time will tell if the cylinders, head gaskets etc hold up over prolonged use. I tend to believe they probably will since I have these previously mentioned measures in place. The typical arguments liquid vs air cooled are always 1) more components to deal with (liquid) vs simplicity (air), 2) accessory heat (liquid), although DC motors can be run in reverse, and some folks will set up their machines to that with a switch the hood fan will suck air into (pressurize) the engine compartment and out separate holes which have been cut in the dash (on air cooled machines). This is good, but I'm paranoid about breathing air for hours that may have clutch belt dust, exhaust leaks, brake caliper dust etc. Probably not a big deal, but nonetheless. So long as you have an enclosure of some sort on your machine, you'll be plenty warm with either type, so I think the accessory heat issue is a mute point. As for complexity vs simplicity, well, I think everyone should carry at least a small quantity of whatever fluids your engine requires. Things like leaks can be dealt with. The chance you have issues with anything else (water pump, thermostat, belt) is very low, just like losing a starter is very unlikely (but both styles have electric starters).
    I can recommend the 950 over the 850 no comparison, but if given the choice I may have gone with the liquid cooled engine had it been available to me. 30-31 hp is plenty regardless of what anyone says. Argos have no business traveling over 10 mph while pushing any significant load for any length of time. They will chug right along happily forever (while being stingy on fuel) at 0-8 mph (with occasional 10+ mph jaunts).
    So in that regard, the 950 isn't really needed. It can be very reasonable on fuel as long as its driven conservatively (remember you're in a machine with no suspension anyway). You are more than welcome to come test drive my 950 any time you want. I usually have a few machines at my place at any given time. Hope that helps- Buzz (Jeff 907-354-5319 Wasilla) Feel free to call if you need any other info


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