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Haul vehicle to access most trailheads

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  • Haul vehicle to access most trailheads

    I’m looking at picking up a Yamaha grizzly, but I’m going to need a vehicle to haul it. Looking at a Honda Ridgeline, however it’s obviously not an off-road vehicle and has minimal ground clearance.

    The question is, would I be able to access most of the trail heads that you guys are familiar with in the Ridgeline? Would an inch or two of more ground clearance really provide any additional access to the areas most of you guys are interested in for ATV access?

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    Being that we use a Class A motor home to access the trails we want to ride/explore, the Honda will be just fine. Are you going to trailer the ATV or put in back of the vehicle?


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      The plan initially is to put it in the bed of the Ridgeline. Eventually may pull a small atv/snowmobile trailer.


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        I'd get measurements of the wheeler and the bed of that thing to make sure it will fit with ramps. Will the rear suspension of the Honda ride well with the weight of the machine in it. Just a couple questions.

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          Either a Grizzly or Kodiak should fit with the tailgate down, and ramps should fit in the cab. There wouldn’t be space for much else.

          The Ridgeline has a great AWD system but it’s not 4wd, so no lo gearing and no diff-lock. Any access roads or trailheads where this might be a problem?


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            Ridgelines aren't really trucks. I'd go for a domestic vehicle, or perhaps a Toyota Tundra. Plenty of good deals on gently used ones. Especially in the Anchorage area since a lot of them there aren't taken out and rallied every weekend.
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              I'd ditto what SmokeRoss said....but be cautious of the incidental vehicle that has been a Knik / Jim Creek bomber, but isn't showing it yet.

              FWIW, BIL has a Ridgeline: he doesn't use it for ATV hauling but based on general observation, I wouldn't pick that for a ATV hauler. Maybe a lightweight domestic p/u or the aforementioned Tundra or Nissan equivalent. 90% of the ATV trails I've accessed have been with a 3/4 ton and a small trailer in tow. At worst, I've had to drop the ATV, drop the trailer, K-turn the truck, and use the ATV to reverse the trailer.

              Also FWIW, I have a F550 (4WD) with a 3-yard dump bed that holds a Polaris UTV perfectly. I've never gone anywhere that I couldn't use that truck to access the trailhead. 'course it's a painful drive, so maybe I don't go too far.....


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