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    I went up to knik yesterday with pakrat from AT. At Jim Creek there was a cherry landcruiser that was swamped in the same spot I tried to cross last weekend. Jim Creek is very deep, and its deeper than any other year I can remember. It is crossable but you have to zig zag to the sumberged sandbars. Most sport quads and dirtbikes are not crossing and going wild on the shooting range side. Jim Creek was really tricky. Theres a deep channel that is flowing right through the middle of Jim Creek and it cuts towards the bank on the shooting range side.

    Wolf point was the deepest I have ever seen it. 3-4' of water where there usually isnt any water was very common. I got some good video of myself crossing some deep water. I will post once I get it from GP. Flat creek was really deep too.

    Metal creek is rippin right out of the canyon walls and raging through river bed that has been touched by water in awhile.

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    Thats funny about the landcruiser. On our way out a bronco also tried to cross there. he had to get towed out also. His door seals worked pretty good cuz when he opened up the pass door to let his dog in water came out.

    Yeah the water is high this year. Trails that are normally dry are under a 1 1/2foot of water. makes it more fun.


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