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'06 Grizzly cuts out - ideas

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  • '06 Grizzly cuts out - ideas

    I have a new Griz with about 100 miles on it and was on some steep hills and having to winch my way up. This took about 20 minutes. the atv was idleing the whole time, when I went to get back on and drive over a easy rise the engine started sputtering, and no power. Had to roll backwards down the rise and get a flat running start and use my speed to make it and as i reached the top it started sputtering again. Anybody had this happen before? Know what it is?

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    I've never had this happen to mine but Snyd talks about his Griz vapor locking when hot sometimes and the fact that he snaps the side panels off to help it cool out when this happens. Good luck on figuring it out but with a brand new machine I'd call the store where you bought it and pick their brains.


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      If it wasn't very hot out (70 or above) and you were not going slow (under 5mph) under load then I would suspect the float level. Seems like I read about that issue at But, if it only has 100 miles it's still under warranty right? I'd take it to the dealer.

      [Edit] I just read your post again and realized that you had the bike idling for quite a while. You may have had excesive heat buildup around the carb. Pulling the side panels off will help with air circulation and keep it from vapor locking. The griz engine compartment is so closed up that heat just sits there and boils the gas in the carb. If I anticipate a situaton like that I just take the side panels off.

      Bottom line that we have come up with is that it has to do with air circulation (or lack of) in the engine compartment.
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        I thought Yamaha took care of those overheating problems on the Griz a year or two ago?
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          I do not believe the machine is vapor locked. I have heard a lot of vapor locking stories and the machines would not turn over at all, let alone run properly, when vapor locked. The vapor locking problems with the Griz were fixed years ago, but that still doesnt mean thats not the problem, I just dont believe its vapor locked.

          If you were winching up a hill I am assuming it was a fairly steep incline, maybe it was just muddy. At a steep angle your machine might have flooded itself, maybe your float bowl was overflooded with fuel.

          Let me ask you, does your machine run fine now? Or does it still spit and sputter? If the macine runs fine now I wouldnt worry about it and atritube the stalling to a flooded carb. You could always drain the bowl and try to fire her up again.


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            Hows the electrical system working now? If you did that much winching, you may have eaten up your battery and charging system. Then it would have enough spark to keep up an idle, but the weak spark would flood with the introduction of large amounts of fuel.

            Just a thought.

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              My thoughts

              I think it was the float level, it runs fine now, I am sure it was hot at the time so maybe the float bowl. Electricts are OK,
              Thanks for the input


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