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03 Honda Rubicon Swim

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    I've got a 03 Rincon and was told by the fellow at ATV Salvage in eagle river if i ever sunk my rincon to not just change the oil & run it, something to do with the oil/hydraulic passages in the tranny being gunked up with silt or dirt and if you run it then you really screw up the tranny. I'd give him a call over at atv salvage and see what he has to say about your problem.
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      The Rincon and the Rubicon are two totally different systems. The Rincon has a three speed automotive type automatic transmission and the Rubicon has a swash plate hydraulic drive.


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        03 Rubicon Swim

        After the third complete oil change the transmission is probably back to about 90%. It still seem a little weak though but got me through a rigerous moose hunt. Maybe the 4th oil change will finally end the saga??
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          I had a similar problem with my 2004 Rancher.....I was out playing in the water and sunk it up to the seat....The engine died while in the water...Ended up pulling it out, Pulled the plug, pumped out the water and she started right up..took it back home, changed all the fluids....riding for the next couple days it would hardly make it over 30 MPH..... Ended up draining a whole bunch of water and dirt out of the carb.... The only slippage from the tranny was my own fault of putting energy conserving oil in her.....


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            What is energy conserving oil?


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              Originally posted by AKBighorn View Post
              What is energy conserving oil?
              Oil formulated and labeled to conserve energy. Honda does not recommend it.


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