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  • Water_Gremlin

    Hi Mike S.

    You must be talking about Arctic Trails or ATV Frontier. Both are great sites, AT is more of a local group and ATVF is more of North American forum.

    There are two trails I usually ride, Knik & Pinochle. Pinochle is a great challenge with plenty of mud and there are some nasty steep climbs. I love to ride in deep sloppy mud. Since I live in Eagle River Knik is close to home and I have been riding/fishing/boating/hunting this area for 20 years now. I know almost every trail by heart. Knik simply has it all.

    My brute needs some TLC. Needs a new belt, oil changes all around, rad flushed, everything greased, dieaelectric grease on all electrical connections, actuator cleaned out, and some slime in the tires. I am hoping to get all of that done this week. If so I might plan a trip out to Knik with my wife next weekend. She rides a rancher and I am sure she would love to see another women on a ride. Hopefully the mother in law can baby sit.

    If its something your interested in let me know. Dont be alarmed by my age, some people are. I am a young buck.

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  • Mike S
    started a topic Hey Water Gremlin

    Hey Water Gremlin

    Just wanted to say HI,

    I noticed your username on the Alaska ATV Website...I forget the name of it....

    Anyway, I am a fellow ATV rider. However, I have not ridden with anyone in your "Group" yet.

    Any trips planned for this summer yet that me and my wife might be able to get in on? We would like to meet some fellow ATV riders/Alaska Enthusiasts.

    Mike S.

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