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  • New Kawasaki questions

    I stopped by kawasaki and looked at there prarie 360. nice little bike but I got a couple of questions for those who have a newer kaw.

    I like the idea of there back brake, but looks like a pain in the butt if you need to work on it. The salesman refered to it as a reverse wet clutch. Can anybody explain it a little better. He also told me it would never fail (yeah right). He was very vague on telling me how it actually worked.

    Also, anybody have any problems on the front diff lock? I like the idea of a more mechanical (well, hydraulic) over electric way to lock in the front end.

    I like that little 360, its what I'm looking for (except for the IRS) but I'm wondering about these 2 things.


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    Kawi uses the same components on most of their machines. My experience is based off an 05 Brute Force 750.

    The diff lock is the best of any machine, thats just my opinion of course. Whenever you need a locked front end all you need to do is pull the lever, and this can be done at ANY speed. Most other ATV's you have to come to a complete stop and then engage the diff lock. For example, if you are climbing a steep hill and loose traction you can pull the diff lock lever and that will give you a much higher chance of completing the hill. For me this has been a tremendous advantage while climbing hills. In 2000 miles I have adjusted my lever once and I am due for another adjustment. Adjusting the linkage is as easy as pulling back the black plastic cover on the handles and turning the long nut. Very simple. Besides adjusting the linkage I have had only one other problem. After I came out of a nasty hole a small rock became stuck under the lever arm on the diff. The conditions and the size of the rock were absolutely perfect for this to happen. I doubt anyone one else has ever had this problem.

    I dont know if the "wet brake" system is different from my brute but I will give you my take on the system. The wet brake setup definately has its advantages and disadvantages.

    I will start with the advantages. When systems have a disc brake setup in the rear the pads are wide open to debrie and wear much faster. The wet brake system will not see any kind of wear and tear from the elements as long as you check the oil every once in awhile to make sure no water or grit has made its way into the housing, which can happen if you have a leaky axle seal. With 2000 miles on my brute the wet brakes still perform great. Change the bath oil with your engine oil and it will be almost maintenance free. Adjusting the linkage is incredibly easy too, turn the wing nut to tighten the brakes or loosen them. On top of that these brakes will not freeze up like disc's or brums can.

    On the other hand there are some problems. The wet bath brakes are not as stout as disc's. They tend to be on the mushy side but still have plenty of stopping power to lock my rear tires up at just about any speed. Also proper adjustment comes into play. The cable that is linked from the handle bars to the rear diff wet brakes can take on water if the linkage boot gets funky. When water gets into the linkage it will freeze and can be a pain. I put anti freeze in my cable and it didnt give me anymore problems. Then I tore linkage cover boot being an idiot and bought a new cable. If the cable does freeze you can back off the adjustment wingnut to where the wet brakes are not engaged and you are ready to go. You cant do that with disc's or drums. Also you have to buy wet bath oil for the rear diff.

    Obviously the wet bath brakes are not as easy to replace but last much longer. Most of my riding buddy's have already replaced their brake pads where I havnt even worried about replacing the wet bath internal brake pads.

    I hope this helps.


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      Gremlin, thanks. thats what I was looking for. The kawi is a nice little bike. now I just got to get eagle river yamaha to look at some yamahas.


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        I also bought a brand new kawasaki and have owned 2 already. My new Brute force's locker as stated above is second to none. Unfortunately with the smaller engine of the 360 it will lack some power compared to the kodiak/eiger/ and bombardier but it is still a good wheeler, especially for the price. Also I agree on the mushy brakes but they get the job done. Hope this helped


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