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  • 4th of July Ride and fish

    Anybody headed out to Eureka for the long weekend? We are headed out that way Saturday morning and will stay for 2 days. Plan on heading to the little Oshetna and Tyone to do some grayling fishing and glassing for bears too.

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    How was your ride, fishing any good ? I was curious about the water level of the Nelchina did you get across ok ? Im going to head that way in a few weeks for a little recreation myself.


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      Ride and fish

      The ride was great but very dusty. We had no problems at all getting across the Little Nelchina and we ended up fishing Tyone Creek. We caught several nice grayling in the 12 inch range but didn't get a chance to fish as long as we wanted. There was a lot of people there that weekend but I suspect it won't be near as crowded in the next few weeks. Didn't see many caribou though, 2 weeks before that we saw close to a thousand but most were in one big herd crossing the Little N going south. I can't wait to go back and do some more fishing.


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        Thanks, glad you had a good time, cant wait till I can get up there, sounds like the grayling are back in the creeks full force now.


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