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  • In a Quandry

    A few posts down I posted about replacing my polaris 400 4X4 with another middle weight 4X4. Now my wife had to throw a wrench in it. She got me on an older KDX200 dirtbike for a ride. Now I havent been on a dirtbike in about 17years. Well, I really enjoyed it and now looking at a klz300 dirtbike and a drz400.

    Now the quandry. should I rebuild my 400 sportsman and buy the bike or buy a new quad.

    My polaris is in pretty decent shape, all I really need are new chains (which I just got off e-bay), new shocks and new brakes (all the way around), otherwise its in decent shape.

    Decisions, decisions

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    Negatives -

    Can't haul a moose out on a bike, can't go through the deep mud/snow, can't pull a trailer full of camp gear, it hurts when you fall over/off, not real good in water crossings.

    Positives -

    Can jump higher, can go faster, looks cool in the back of the truck....

    I think I'd go with the new 4x4. )

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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      I need all the help in the world to make my truck look

      As for the rest, the bike would only be for recreational. Obviously it wouldnt make a good vehicle to hunt with. Thats why I would keep my polaris, so far in the last few rides it hasnt broken badly

      I probably will end up getting another quad but that 2 wheel thing is kinda addicting. I thought I was over it but guess not.



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        it would be fun....

        The rides to the glacier would be a hoot! I used to have a TT500 back in high school. The wife won't let me have another one for some reason... She says it is something about having 3 kids and another one on the way and needing to be a responsible dad..... That and the fact that I missed two weeks of work after crashing my snowmachine this winter ( I guess she figures a dirt bike would be the end of me!).

        Oh well, I can always dream....

        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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          I'd get a new atv and get rid of that old chain driven Polaris, shaft drive is the way to go these days. DIrt bikes are fun and I'd love to have one but there's already to many things on the ole wishlist!


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