I just had to let y'all know the experience I had with Micro-start (emergency compact jumper). I keep one in each vehicle and take one when using ATV, Snowmachine and side-by-side, I have used one a few times to jump dead batteries of mine and others and have been very pleased. Well after my Yukon would not start (was sitting in the cold and I believe the remote starter that did not work ran down the battery), I took out the micro that I carry off road to jump the Yukon. When I connected the cables, it beeped indicating that it was not connected correctly which it was. I contacted Micro-start to see if I should order new cables (this XP-1 is well out of warranty), and they are sending me new cables free of charge and covering shipping. That is excellent customer service, especially since they have no obligation to cover something out of warranty. I really appreciate companies that stand behind not only the product, but the customer as well.

Stay safe in this cold weather and make sure your batteries are charged!