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Need someone to rebuild Nodwell brake shoes.

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  • Need someone to rebuild Nodwell brake shoes.

    Nodwells periodically need to have their steering brake shoe linings replaced. The lining material is riveted to the shoes just like clutch material to a clutch. Several places used to do the work, but now I can't find anyone.

    EA Patson brothers retired
    Josh at Alaska Clutch closed up shop a few weeks ago
    Ray Walch, the Nodwell dealer, retired several years ago
    Western Geo closed long ago
    I've checked the truck shops, Young's Gear, Napa truck service, the machines shops, Gary's Truck, Denali Drilling, and many other places.

    If anyone has any suggestions of who can do the work, I'd appreciate. They just need the foot operated rivet machine. I can supply the brass rivets and brake lining material.

    Cell 907/244-0007

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    You can do it yourself. We used to line all the brakes for our logging equipment. Dad paid us kids to do it. Grind the rivets off, remove old lining. Clamp new lining on. Drill pilot holes. Remove from band. Drill counter sink hols. Bolt new lining on. Some of these brake bands were taller than we were.
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