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  • ARGO Track question

    Hi I am trying to decide on tracks for a new argo and would be very interested in some opinions from hunters who have used them. I r tires this season an really struggled in muskeg and mud I realize every track setup has their placeand am just trying to decide which option would be best for me NOT which is the“best” track. I am considering Argo 18”rubber tracks, Adair 14.5” pro series tracks, and the Wasilla made channel tracks with UHMW grousers. I would like a track that does as good as or better than tires when hill climbing, going downhill, side hilling, and climbing over brush/small trees. I would like a track that is not too hard to steer, not overly hard on bearings/axles/tires, still will swim across sloughs or slow creeks, and does way better in muskeg than tires.

    ARGO Rubber Tracks:
    I have spoken with the Argo dealer regarding the rubber tracks. The huge negative I see with these is they do not swim. It sure is nice to drop into slow moving silty water and not have to worry about how deep it is. On my last moose hunt I swam across multiple sloughs and creeks with the argo. I would also think that the heavy flat track would take a lot of power or room to steer on vegetated surfaces. Is it difficult to maneuver in timber? Is there an issue with walking out of the tracks when sidehilling?

    Adair 14.5 pro series tracks:
    I spoke with adair regarding these tracks. I like that they can still swim some (I was told 1/3-1/2 speed of tires), are light, narrow footprint (I would not use the argo in the winter), and require less power to steer. I was told that they do not recommend track tuners as long as your tires are indexed (similar to the argo rubber tracks). I am concerned with the UHMW grousers being slippery on rock or trees. For instance if I am down hilling is it possible for the tracks to slip on a rock surface? What about when side hilling is the track likely to slide on slippery vegetation or trees? What about walking out of the tracks?

    Wasilla made UHMW channel tracks
    I spoke with the gentleman who makes this style of channel tracks. He was very helpful and really appreciated all the info. It seems like he has been making and experimenting with argo tracks for a long time. I like that these tracks can still swim some(not as good as tires). I like and at the same time have concerns about the elevated belt design. I think the elevated belt design would be great for steering on hard pack ground compared to the argo rubber tracks. I like how the elevated belt would prevent you from walking out of the tracks. I am a little concerned about the elevated belt being harder on bearings and axles in difficult situations since the tire is really locked in the channel. I was told that track tuners were highly recommended but not required for this style track. I do not like the idea of running track tuners. With track tuners I am concerned about putting excess stress on the front and rear axles. I am also concerned about the track slipping on the tires (since there will be only 2 tires transmitting power to the tracks. I am also concerned about the UHMW material being slippery on rock and trees.

    Are my concerns with each track type valid? What do you think would be my best bet for a track for hill climbing, a little muskeg, and water crossings? I have done some searching on the 6x6 world forum. They seem to love adair tracks. However they are primarily just playing in the swamps/mud and adair seems to have a pretty biased following on their site. Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

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    Ok,,,, check out this guy in N. BC,,,, @-[RockDoctor07 YouTube]-
    [ USMC 1st Marine Div. 7th Engineers, VietNam 69-71, Semper-Fi ] :topjob:


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      I run the Adair tracks now, almost like running on tires with easy steering and unreal traction regardless of conditions.
      Rubber tracks feel heavy and not as nimble, but are better on rock, about the only place i would prefer rubber.


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        I have only run the super tracks on all my argos I thought the plastic track were awesome until I bought a new argo with rubber track last year If your on Facebook there are several argo groups here in Alaska and abroad. Never had a problem with any of your concerns they turn great in wooded areas. As far as the bearings any tracks are going to be harder on all that stuff . Just keep up with the maintenance


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          Thank you for the replies and input on track options. I am still digging through videos and talking with argo track owners.


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            Hey NJF , I ran Adair tracks on a 6 wheeled argo and they did great in the mud and muskeg but were very slick on rocks and willows. They did swim but marginal in the water as you already know. I just got a set of tracks from Jeff (aka Buzz) on the forum and all I have done so far is plow 12 to 14 inches of wet heavy snow and they did fantastic. Adair 14.5 pro series and Jeff's tracks are a lot alike in the turn easy,will swim, go good in mud, ect. but no track guides to get into your tires and easy to add traction for rocks and willows. Bye the way I'm driving a 2016 8x8 hdi now and I can't give a ride report for water,mud, willows, and all the other stuff we get into till spring but I have a pretty good idea how they work. I will be getting tuners when they come available and I wouldn't use rubber tracks unless they would be used on snow only, but I don't have the money to get one of everything for everything.


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