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  • Haggard Creek Trail??

    Has anyone ever done the Haggard Creek Trail near MP 161 of the Richardson Highway? I've seen references to it on other sites and in a couple of post here about the Gulkana River but never any specifics about trail conditions, access, etc. If anyone has done it, any information about the trail you are willing to give is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I know nothing, but I do know that the folks at the Glenallen BLM office have consistently been most helpful when I call them with questions about area river conditions. I suspect that they are similarly responsive to questions about their trails.

    (907) 822-3217 - BLM Glenallen


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      Done it several years ago with a friend. Fishing on the Gulkana was excellent, the trail.... We had to winch each other out about every 100 yards. At one point I thought I would end up walking out. Very mucky and no other way around. BLM says to take an Argo. Hope this helps!


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        It's basically a winter trail. I can't imagine anyone getting an ATV through there when the ground's not frozen.

        I just did it this June with a friend, on foot. It was six miles, hard to even find the "trail" in many places, and impossible to follow it in many cases when it could be found. It's mostly bog. Footsteps send waves out through the floating peat moss, and if you break through the mats of it, it sucks. Bushwhacking through the spruces alongside the trail was often a better option. We both sank thigh-high in muck a few times and were knee-deep in it frequently. Hiking the six miles to the river though this quagmire took us five hours, and we weren't dilly dallying.

        The only vehicle tracks we saw were pretty old, from something with really wide tracks instead of tires. They didn't make it all the way back to the river. It was clear nobody else had gone in with a vehicle this summer and I can't imagine how they would have made it.

        I did a write-up of the trip on my website, including a Youtube video showing what the trail's like.
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