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    has anyone ridden out very far on butte creek trail,off the denali highway.it starts near the big su bridge.??

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    I've been back a few times in the past couple years. It's a good trail for the most part and not all that difficult.

    Out of the parking lot you have two choices. If you go out the main trail to the east, you will hit a split around 3-4 miles out. One takes you back west, the other goes south and turns east and then south again.
    The western trail takes you up and over a swail and runs parallel and eventually runs into butte creek. I haven't crossed the creek there.
    The other trail takes you to butte creek directly and crossing it can be fun depending on the water level. I have seen a couple 4 wheelers get swamped. On the other hand I have seen a small chevy blazer go right across.
    Leaving the creek you wind you way up into the mountains and again the trail splits, one going up a valley to the west, another heading south east. I usually go up the valley looking for caribu (24 miles in from the trail head) and have done well there. It's a beautiful area, so worth it just for the scenery. I haven't gone down the other direction yet, but will this fall.

    One thing to keep in mind, if it's wet, you have a number of creek risings to worry about, especially if it rises while your on the far side. If it's dry, the dust gets up to 6" deep and that creates it's own issues.



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