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  • Windshield for a Side by Side

    I have a Polaris Crew Side by Side and I am currently debating if I should buy a full windshield or the half windshield. If anyone owns one please let me know what kind you have and how they do. Looking for one to cut down on the air because I don't want it to be super cold when I take my son out with me. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a full windshield and would not even consider the half windshield. My Ranger gets plenty cool with a full windshield and no doors, especially with a cross wind.

    You will hate the halfsy in the rain and dust.

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      Another vote for a full windshield here. Then again I have a full cab and heater too. Even without that I would still opt for a full windshield for a different reason. Most full ones are glass. Most half windshields are some kind d of plastic and get all scratched up cleaning the mud off of them. And you can mount a wiper on a full windshield.


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        While not on a Polaris, we have the full windshield on our Arctic Cat Prowler. We also opted for the full soft cab and heater. While the heater does not put out a lot of heat, it is enough to keep the snow melted off the windshield. This set up was sure nice this last hunting season on the Denali when the weather was not 'nice'!


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          I have a couple and have tried both types of windshields. Full is the only way to go. Earlier posters hit it. Rain, dust, etc with the half is tough, especially if you have kids your trying to make sure they enjoy the ride. I had glass on one of them with the wipers, but a few years ago abandoned the actual glass after a couple got broke. One while trailering, one while riding the trails. The glass ones are $500, but the plexi glass ones are $200 or so. I just replace them every 2 to 3 years, as they do get scratched up.

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            I have both, the full one is the way to go most of the time. However in really dusty conditions I have found the 1/2 works better (as long as you are in the lead). With the full windshield it seems the dust comes in from the back bigtime (no cab), and with the half it doesn't. Anyone else have that problem?


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              I don't have a ranger, but I do have a full windshield. I really don't like it at all to be honest. It is nice to have about 5% of the time. I would rather ride with a helmet and goggles than to have a windshield.


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