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    Just came back from a week long trip out of Delta, a new area for me with tons of trails. I have a basic Arctic Cat 500cc with manual tranny. Earlier this year I upgraded to 26x10x12 front and 26x12x12 rears on aluminum rims and chose Swamp Lites for the rubber. I have to say I am very impressed. We had plenty of mud and lots of granite climbs, very rock with both huge loose stones and lots of scree type as well. I had a few times where I had to back out of a spot, but never got got stuck anywhere. I had one situation, tight woods, a very steep but short climb where I could not keep the front end down and stopped mid hill to winch up and out about 12 feet. My buddy in a Ranger made it up that spot but his front tires never touched the ground until over it...good to have four driving wheels behind you. I had one incident that was a deep mud hole with the front and far sides steeply cut (almost 90 degree lips) and I literally got sideways against the far lip (driver error). I was in about 2 feet of water and had to back and twist to face the way out...once in position these tires just gripped the edge and easily pulled me out! I figured for sure I would need pulled out and was happy not to have to do same. These tires floated over the big rocks and gave so much more comfortable a ride. I floated through the peat bogs with ease and even had to help pull a smaller machine through the same areas on more than one time. The wider stance helps a lot, but the down side is that the sidewalls can dig into the side of wheel trenches and pull the front tire to the side if you are not paying close attention to them. On a scale of 1-10, one being bad, my stock tires and rims were a 3 and this new set up is an easy 9 for my needs. I went round and round on which tires to get and chose the Swamp Lites for my overall needs and I am extremely happy. Oh yeah, they were really smooth on a wide dirt road at 35MPH too.:topjob:
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    I love my Swamplites too! I run them on both machines - Polaris 500HO and Polaris Big Boss 800. I have over 700 miles on both sets and they still look new! The traction is awesome, but when I am stuck, I am REALLY stuck (they do dig :-) ). Especially in the 6x6. If these ever wear out, I will buy another set.


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      Buddy has over a 1000 miles on his (Ranger), great tire.


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