Ranger aftermarket front A arms?



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  • Ranger aftermarket front A arms?

    I have a 2007 Ranger 6x6 700 EFI. I have whacked a few rocks in my day and both my front A-arms are bent slightly. They are still useable for now but I am looking for a stronger set since the stock ones seem pretty cheesy. I have seen the Backwoods Armor and Highlifter arms and they look great, but they are bent and seem to lift the chassis. I would like the lift but it isn't worth it to me to replace the rest of the arms to match. Are there other aftermarket arms out there that keep the same geometry, or can I use the Backwoods arms without replacing the rear setup?

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    I wouldn't buy Backwoods arms for 1) 4-6 week wait and 2) your likely to get the wrong parts. There's geometry issues and customer service is hit and miss.

    I can however, recommend the SuperATV Forward a arms. No lift involved and you will clear 30s. $249 includes all the hardware, tie rod ends, fit is great.
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      Thanks, I'll give those a look.


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        Dealing with Backwoods Armor is a mistake...pitiful cust svc and quality control...
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