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Trailer for a Crew Side by Side

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  • Trailer for a Crew Side by Side

    I just bought a Polaris 900 Crew Side By Side and I wanted to know what size, type of trailer does anyone with a similar UTV uses? I heard I need to get a dual axel but wasn't sure. All help is appreciated.

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    You might want to call Jonas at White Spruce Trailers in Anchorage- super nice guy who really knows his stuff. Won't steer you wrong.


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      never go to cheep with your trailer go with the dule axel i saw one up at eureka last week with 2 sxs on it and 1 side of his trailer missing a wheel setting along side of the road not good very easy to over load them


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        +1 for White Spruce. I got a dual axle 16' steel Nova trailer from them last year to haul my Ranger 6x6. It is a stout trailer with a UTV sized ramp and steel tie down channels in the deck, and tows really nice. Not cheap but worth every penny. They have lots of different options that will work for your rig.


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          +2 for White Spruce. We bought our current trailer from them 14 years ago and it has served us well. One thing I learned a couple decades ago, 'do not go cheap on your trailer'!!! We had one of the single axle trailers with the small fat tires and had nothing but problems with it. It did not help that we loaded it to 'max' and then expected it to carry more. The other thing to consider, why would one go cheap on a trailer, considering the cost of the 'toys' one puts on them? Also get one a 'little' bigger then you think that you need! It is better to have the extra room to carry about anything that you might want to have a long.


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