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  • top of the world trail ???

    Any information on the Top Of The World Trail e.g. distance, water crossings, hills, mud holes.

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    AKdan747- I go there a lot. PM me for more details...

    The trailhead is the pipeline road. The trail proper cuts west up on top and runs along a plateau and it is improved with GeoMat and a timber bridge. Do not get off this trail or you will likely be very stuck. A short trail cuts off to the right and runs up to a knob, great for glassing.

    The trail forks in about 2mi- left fork runs along a pressure ridge and dead ends on an overlook of the Delta R. The right fork drops down to the Delta R. and parallels it for a couple of miles and dead ends at a creek. The right fork is muddy and I've seen multiple rigs buried there- use a lot of sense if you bomb off the back side.

    A trail (not the T-O-W trail) runs up the spine of the ridge on the south side of the plateau and runs along the very top and dead ends in the tundra.

    Be aware this relatively small area gets substantial hunting pressure but I've taken caribou and ptarmigan there frequently but it's hit or miss.
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