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Ranger XP and the trail at Chitina...

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  • Ranger XP and the trail at Chitina...

    Thinking very hard about pulling the trigger on a Ranger... seems to fit OK in most of the things I do. I wonder if it fits down the trail at Chitina? I've been down the trail a bunch but don't recall seeing one back there lately and it would be awfully tight if it did.

    Anybody actually took one there?
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    I go there every year and almost always see at least one back there. This year I even saw a 6x6 Ranger back there, so it is do-able, just a little sketchy in my opinion. I just pulled the trigger on the 6x6 ranger but I will never take it down that trail, Ill keep the 4 wheeler for that.


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      I thought about bringing my SxS but took the wheeler and I was glad I did. It is possible but I would not do it.
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