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Waterproof atv gauntlets?

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  • Waterproof atv gauntlets?

    Was wondering if anyone was running a waterproof gauntlet on there atv? I have looked at a few but they do not specify whether or not they are waterproof. Been looking to get a set to keep my hands warm and dry while riding the quad. Any help or suggestions would be nice.

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    Mine do not have a waterproof shell. They are a CorduraŽ like fabric that I spray with a silicone spray occasionally.

    However, I appreciate them the most when the temperature drops below freezing and then waterproof materials aren't really required.


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      Not sure if you are running a windshield or would be interested in one but I had one for the first time this last hunting season and they are awesome! Deflect the wind and the elements. I stayed totally dry and my buddy was pretty miserable and wet on his without the windshield.
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        I like my windshield also for deflecting the wind and the elements


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