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Polaris Big Boss A-arm update out from Polaris

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    Originally posted by akrider View Post
    Just wondering if everybody who has experienced broken bolts checked them before the first time you rode it. I did, all of them were loose. One I could turn with my fingers. I found a torque spec list(can't find it now) on line and torqued all of the bolts to those specs. I have 350 miles and have not broke a bolt. It sounds like I am riding mine the same way as everybody else. Just a thought...

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    I check mine every time I load it on the trailer. Neither time I experienced broken bolts were they loose.

    Here is the latest information I got from Big Lake Power-sports: They surmise that when the center axle is flexed (stuffed) to it's fullest extent, it raises the rear axle off the ground (full droop). This puts massive stress on the lower A-arm bolt. I am not sure about this hypothesis, but it makes a guy think.


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      Any updates to this? Has anyone with the Hatchers pass fix broken a bolt since then? I just picked up a barely used 2014 Big Boss with 277 miles that was super clean. And wouldnt you know it, when I was looking it over the bolt was broke on the middle left axle and the owner didnt know it.... I am going to look into this fix if it is working for everyone else...
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        I installed all 4 kits at 11 miles last July on a new one. Itís used as a tool so I wasnít about to have one break in the field by myself. Turned 800 miles last week and no problems yet. I looked at the kit contents and you only need to get the bushings and pivot tubes to do the upgrade if the bolts arenít broken yet. No need to get bolts, washers, and nuts as they are all the same. Unless you are worried the bolts have already been stressed. The below quantities are for one a-arm.

        (1) 5137562 Pivot Tube
        (2) 5436973 Bushing
        Bolt part number in case you want a new one: 7519065


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