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    Anyone have a report on the trail conditions behind Eureka? I may be taking a group of riders out in about a week and half and would like to take them back there. The group will be a mix of new riders (visiting from the lower 48) to seasoned riders. I would like to take them over to Flat Creek but not sure what the condition of the trail is.
    Thanks for any input.

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    I made the loop 3 weeks ago and it was a easy trail, going over Monument will be intimidating for a new riders. Make sure they all have food and water.


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      MacGyver, thanks for the info. I was thinking about going to Flat Creek and coming back up Monument. What type of machines were you all riding? We will have a combo up ATV's and UTV's. We usually have a 'fair' amount of food and water along on our trips.


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        We had 4-4 wheelers I think two of them had bigger tires but we not needed. We did had to cross Flat Ck several times but it was not a big deal. Just make sure everyone knows how to cross fast water If you find out the water is two high just turn around and go back the way you came in.


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          For us, about the only issue we ever had was when Flat Creek dumped into Little Nel and finding a shallow place to cross. Most of the time one can find a place on Flat creek to cross. One area that I am concerned with is coming up out of Cotton wood creek and then just before the pass. There was some 'iffy' spots there, that might be an issue for the UTV's.


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            The UTV's will have no problem and will probaly do better then the ATV's. I love the flat creek trail. That has to be my favorite place back there, good choice to take visitors. With that it is also a easy ride.
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