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175/80/13 tires instead of 20.5x8x10

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  • 175/80/13 tires instead of 20.5x8x10

    My 16' flatbed trailer I use for hauling atv's has the crappy, short, fat 20.5x8x10 tires on it and I can't stand them. They're nylon and cheap.

    Take them across the Denali Highway and you had better have spares!! I had 3 blowouts on my 12' snowmachine trailer between Cantwell and the Susitna bridge and back (last year) and I was only trailering a Polaris 6x6 and a Honda Big Red, less than 1,400 lbs. I don't believe I was overloaded.

    My 16' trailer has clearance for 13" tires and rims; I tried the spare from my boat trailer which is a 175/80/13. It fit fine and looks good. Am I correct to assume that these may be a more suitable choice for trailering instead of the awful 20" tires? Anyone trailered atv's across the Denali with 13" tires/rims? Are the 175/80/13 trailer tires the same crummy material as the 20.5's?


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    I am running 14" trailer tires on our dual axle trailer and they are just fine. The issue with the 175/80/13 might be the weight rating and are they trailer tires? Check to ensure that you get 'ST' type tires and that the weight rating is correct.


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      You can get the 20 x 8 x 10 in 10 ply rating or load range E. World of difference. If you don't run the 10 ply's you will always have problems.


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