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Looking for some info about 6x6 ranger

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  • Looking for some info about 6x6 ranger

    I have read a few threads about people trying to decide between the 4x4 and 6x6 side by sides. Is there anyone that has upgraded from a 4x4 side by side to the 6x6? If so what is your thoughts? My concern is that the 20% of the time I would use it for hunting would not be worth the extra length and tires for the 80% of the time I am out just exploring. Does the extra length make it tougher to maneuver in tight spots significantly more than the 4x4 model? Is the ride rougher in one versus the other? I drove the ranger 900 and was impressed with the ride and handling, of course this was only in the ditch next to the highway, and of course nobody has a 6x6 I can drive for another few weeks.

    In a hunting situation I feel the 6x6 wins hands down, but in general overall Saturday exploring with the wife, does the 900 have an advantage?

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    Depends on how you define a sunday afternoon stroll. If you like high speeds, spinning circles and jumping ect, then the 900 4x4 wins out. My 6x6 is not much less agile than a 4x4 when gettin around in tight quarters than the 4x4. The ride on 6x6 is most often much smoother with the extra axle bridging bumps and holes. Makes it night and day more planted stable when it really gets rough. Only downside comes to high speed running. Or the fact that it is slower period. If you stay under 30ish anyway, you will never regret the 6x6.


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      Thanks, that is the info I was looking for.


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