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  • Argo thoughts, first six months...

    I bit the bullet on a new Argo 750HDI last October, and figured I would post my feelings on it so far. I tried finding as much non-biased information out there before making the investment, and most of what I found was either the positives of "go anywhere" or the negatives of "slow" or "bumpy ride". I have found all of these to be true.

    I priced the unit out in Alaska first as I always try to do business locally, but after shopping around I was able to buy brand new, nearly fully loaded, shipped up to Fairbanks for about $4-5,000 less. The base unit cost was fairly similar, and it would have been about the same price to buy it in Alaska after shipping if I were to purchase no options. The options is where the price differences really stood out. Especially the plow, tracks, ROPS, alternator kit, heater and the canopy. Installation time was a large part of it, but unit prices also factored in. Since I was adding so many options and wanted them installed for me, this was the better way to go.

    I've got about 40 hours on it now after plowing with it all winter, and going on a couple trips down the Tanana. I've also taken a trip in April to set up a bear bait, and another this weekend to go check out some remote land on a river. So far I have yet to find anything this tank won't go through. I broke through some overflow on a side slough to the Tanana, and after 40 yards of floating and breaking through ice, it picked right back up onto the trail and didn't skip a beat. With both of the longer trips, there was a 4 wheeler along, and both times I had to pull them up a hill or down through some snow.

    The ride is rough at times, but something you get used to. It is slow, but most of the complex areas that I've gone with 4 wheelers, I'm not slowing anybody down. I'm impressed with the climbing ability on both snow and wet ground, but I did get high centered on rotten snow and had to back down the mountain and find another route up. Luckily it was pretty open terrain.

    So far I'm pretty happy with the purchase. For the price I could have picked up a couple of snowmachines and a nice 4 seater side by side, but I like having a single toy that I can operate year round. I look forward to putting some critters in it later this year! The next challenge is to find a way to get it in my Predator and across the Tanana to our moose hunting area.

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    Mr Jerod,, If you need a trail buddy for a trip let me know. Would like to get the Ox out, but don't care to ride alone.
    "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"


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      Absolutely Mr. Steve! Was thinking the other day it would be nice to have another tracked rig along on a trip. I've got a couple ideas but I'll need to talk to somebody first about heading out a certain direction. I'll probably be making at least 2-3 runs around mid May up that way.


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