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  • Yamaha 450 Tire Question


    I have a Yamaha 450, Kodiak. It has 25s on it for tires was thinking of getting a little extra lift and going with 26s, any recommendations. I'm looking for an all around tire where I can get through some muskeg and some mud but no real deep mud holes.


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    I would look at maxxis zillas . They perform well and are very light
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      My wifes machine is a 450 kodiak, it has 26" mudlites, awesome combo, since the kodiak only has 28 hp, you really need a light tire to make it effective.


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        OR.... play with the gearing if speed isn't important and you want aggressive tires without loosing your low end. I'm don't know Yamaha like I do Honda but I'm sure it's doable...if cvt then a clutch kit...if manual then a gear reduction.
        I have Outlaws on my Foreman and to counteract the larger/heavier/more aggressive tires I came up with a 17% gear reduction. My top speed is only 38mph now but I'm okay with that...she's for working in the woods not hot rodding.


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          My wife's 400 kodiak is running 26" mud lite tires and does very well. Hers runs 26x10 up front and 26x12 in the rear and the fronts are too wide. They work fine and float like crazy but it can be a handful for her and the kids. 8-9" wide fronts would be better. The 450 has a low gear and diff lock which would turn them even better than our 400 which doesn't have either. The little kodiak with a light rider and plenty of "pin it to win it" bravado will get through some impressive slop. It runs right over the top of things my 700 cat augers into. Kotton used it a couple years ago and he ran across a floating muskeg leaving a wake behind him without getting stuck.


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