anybody ride CAN-AM on here?



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  • anybody ride CAN-AM on here?

    specifically the outlander max xt ATV? these are the two up version, but i would remove the seat. looking for a 1000 with the longer wheel base (better for mud and steep hills?) are they reliable,handle well, fun factor?
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    I have a 2012 Outlander Max XT 500, Only issue so far has been the cooling fan didn't work the first time I took it out, I have had zero issues with it after it was replaced. After riding it for 2 seasons I am extremely happy with it, and I am not easy on my machines.


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ID:	2491617I have had three, latest is a 2012 XMR. Love CanAm.


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        I've got a 2011 Max XT 400. I had a crankcase position sensor TKO right out of the gate but solid since then. I like the longer wheelbase- once you pull the seat you have a huge platform to strap gear and meat onto. The longer wheel base makes it climb better as well but maybe not so much for mud- not into mudding so I'm certainly no expert. I don't rec ride much as I'm usually hunting or fishing something but I think they're pretty nice.

        I'd really suggest you try before you buy with the bigger bore engines- neither me or my buddy with a 500 want anything bigger- these machines have a pretty high output for engine size and heat management and fuel consumption seems to always be a problem with the bigger motors.
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          nope. they shoudl rename them to crap-am
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            I have an 06 Outlander Max 400. Overall it's been reliable and mostly trouble free. My one gripe would be the front struts (shocks) went out at about 1,200 miles. No aftermarket options that I could find, so had to pay dealer prices for new ones. Other than regular maintenance and a few repairs that would have happened to any ATV, it has been fine elsewise.

            The longer wheel base makes it really hard to flip it end over end on steep hills. The drawback it that it high centers more easily. With the 2nd seat removed you can get quite a bit of stuff on the back. The 400 motor has been enough for our use. Probably use low gear a lot more than I would with a bigger motor but I still get where I'm going.


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              Greythorn3- good to here from you again , thanx everybody for your input
              “Thank you Polaris for making me a better mechanic”


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                Bought a 2013 XMR last spring. Rode about 600 miles and the only problem as been the seat melted from heat but covered under a recall. Also bought my wife a XT650 and it's been trouble free for about the same mileage. So far really like them.

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