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    I think I have decided on the Ranger 6x6. Gonna just forget about the seating for 4-5. Figure one of the kids can ride in the back for the few times we all ride clammin or cruisin together. Anyways, anyone have any major issues with these machines? Looks like this is only the second year they have been out. Also, is there a preference on dealers for sales and service?
    Thanks in advance

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    I have a 2011 that I bought last August and it has been a great machine. It has about 50 hours on it now and it's a blast to drive. First thing I would do is install a winch (at least 4,000lb). Stock tires work pretty well but after market tires really make them go. I installed 27" 589 and love them. I also removed the restrictor plate in mine it gives it a lot more low end power.

    I bought mine from Hatchers Pass Polaris they had the best price and the service has been excellent. I had been buying all my toys, parts, and repair labor at the dealer in Anchorage but they couldn't even come close to the price Hatchers Pass quoted me and the service has been way better out there.


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      Got my 2010 Ranger 6X6 in Sept 09 and have 850+ miles and no problems. I also have 27" 589's and the Polaris 4500 lb winch, and a half windshield. IMO that is the minimum that you need. Mine for some reason did not come with the restrictor plate, weird. The half-windshield does really good at breaking the wind in your face. A side note about 589's, it is my experience that they run small compared to what is printed on the side-wall. The 27" tires are actually 25.5 or 26" depending on inflation. I was the first 2010 Ranger 6X6 that Big Lake sold and since then they told me that they have put 28" 589's on the 2010+ 6X6's with no problems. Do not confuse 28" ITP 589's with 28" ITP Mudlites (xl's, or XTR's) they are true 28" tires and will rub. If I had it to do over again I would go for the 28" tires, but since I have 27" tires it's not worth the added cost just for a 1/2" more clearance, but if you do it from the get go there is little to no price difference or weight difference between the 27" and 28" ITP 589's tires. Just my two cents. One other thing regarding tires. I have the 27X11X12 in the front with no lift, just the shock adjusted to the stiffest setting with the stiffer front springs. If you went with 28" tires you'd probably need to stay with 9" wide in the front, but if you go with 27" then you can go 27X11 on all six tires.

      I got mine from Big Lake Power Sports, at the time they had the best price and their service has been excellent. I have also heard good things about Hatcher's too. IMO, get the best price that you can, all in, and then during your six months warranty you can decide who has the best service.


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        Thanks for all the detailed info!


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          Any body else with the newer Ranger 6x's putting on bigger tires? Anybody with 28's?

          I just purchased a 2011 Ranger 6x6 and I'm looking at putting Maxxis Zilla's on, but can't decide if I want the 27's or 28's. I know the zillas run a little small, but don't want to put 28's on only to find issues with clearance.

          How are these machines holding up in the mud?

          Any other ideas, suggestions, or comments on the Ranger 6x6 now that we are getting deep into the hunting season?


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            I am saving my pennies to buy one also. A friend of mine has one and one thing he told me is that when they get stuck, they get s-t-u-c-k. Good idea to have a partner along with a similar size rig.


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              Sales and service? Hatcher Pass hands down. On Ranger #2, service won't be beat by anyone in town.

              What's your desire for a 6x over a 4x? An equipped 4x will go the same places and perform just as well if not better aside from payload and it's a close race on hill climbing though the 6x does stand out havin 2 locked rear axles. I've wheeled through mud holes after pulling a 6x out. Hauled the same loads, scaled some hairy angles and never had an issue or even felt like I was gonna lay it over.

              Polaris did well changing to a full IFS rear and a arm front. Either machine will serve you well, just know the limits and when to back out of a hole rather than push forward.
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                (Qoute from TWB) Either machine will serve you well, just know the limits and when to back out of a hole rather than push forward.

                Very true. When you start to slow down or sink. Stop, back-up, or hook up the winch. Its easier to stay on top then drag up and out.


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                  I've seen a ranger that had the Backwoods Armor forward arched A arms on it x2, you can put one set on the rear (rearward arched A arms) and it can clear 30" tires without really changing the factory angles much, I'll see if I can find the pictures and post them later. It looked pretty impressive, it would be nice because it puts your tires out in front of your bumpers, sweet for crawling out of those steep muskeg holes, not sure if he upgraded the axles, probably wouldnt be a bad idea to put some gorrilla's on it anyway. I have had great luck dealing with Hatchers pass polaris, their service is great, thats the only people I have dealt with because they came highly recommended by a friend that has owned several rangers.


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                    Backwoods Armor

                    heres a couple pics
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                      More pics

                      Heres a couple more, granted they are mud lites so not a true 30" but they would prolly fit
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