National Trails Day Activity in Denali National Park



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  • National Trails Day Activity in Denali National Park

    Hello Alaskan Hikers,

    My name is Matt Armington and I am a project manager with the Park Service in Denali. I am posting to invite you all out on National Trails Day which is Saturday, June 4th for our first ever trail crew sponsered event. This summer we will be completing work on the Triple Lakes Trail which, for those of you who don't know, is an 8 mile trail that is a re-route of a trail built in the 1940's by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

    The goal of this event is to get people to come out and hike a section of the trail with a few employees from the trails program and show off exactly what goes into building the trails that we all love to hike on. We will have an opportunity for people to perform some work as part of the hike as well for those of you who feel like getting your hands dirty.

    If you have any further event questions please see the attatched flier or call myself or Molly Mckinley at 907-683-6419.

    Banner Letterhead for National Trails Day.doc

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    Just a quick reminder of Denali's National Trails Day Activity for this Saturday. We will be meeting in the Visitor Center parking lot at 8:45 and would love to see some new faces.


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