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    Over the weekend we hiked up the back side of Flattop, and up Bird Ridge. I'm constantly amazed at the way some people venture onto our local trails. Honest to god, I saw people on Bird Ridge wearing what was basically beach apparel, shirtless, carrying nothing in hand, no fanny pack, etc. This was hiking over long snow fields, slick rocks, icy patches, etc. What on earth are people thinking, if anything? All it would take would be a misstep and a twisted ankle, and these people would be totally screwed. I know they're thinking, Well, I'll just whip out a cell phone and call a helicopter to come and get me. What could go wrong? Or they're counting on people like our group, carrying extra food, clothing, water, first aid gear, etc. to save their sorry, unprepared butts. Does this lack or preparation for the sometimes unforgiving Alaska backcountry irritate anyone else, or am I just getting cranky in my old age?

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    I say "to each his own". No sense in letting it get to you, as folks will do what they want to do. Don't you remeber when you were young and bullet-proof?


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      I found myself unprepared this weekend while hiking, NO SUNSCREEN! Found myself good and crispy after 11 miles hiking across the snow. Had everthing else in my pack but the sunscreen.


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        R.I.P. Thoughts/Prayers are with the families
        "When the time comes for a man to look his Maker in the eye, where better could the meeting be held than in the wilderness?"


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