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    Does anyone have info to share on the Paradise Valley SE of Moose Pass? I see there are two cabins and have read that there is no trail, but you can get flown into the lakes. Its hard to believe that there isn't a decent trail in there.


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    It's called "Paradise" for a reason... it is a truly beautiful place and access is difficult, though very doable. There are USFS cabins at Upper and Lower Lakes, basic, four bunks and a wood stove... usually firewood, axes, and handsaws. Most people fly into the lakes in summer, few people venture to bushwack in there. I snowmachined to the Upper Lake last week (the long way 'round), while a buddy of mine hiked with his two dogs up Ptarmigan/Falls Ck/Snow River Pass to the Lower Lake for a few days then headed out the N. Fork Snow river... trails are not well defined and good route finding and wilderness survival skills are essential. The N. Fork is designated as non-motorized so you wont have to worry about running into snowmachiners...

    what time of year are you looking to go?


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      Was thinking of September, and the possiblity of going on through to King River area. But that may be a difficult hike. Did you snowmachine far enough to be able to see into Kings Bay or do the glaciers get in the way? Might be a good week trip or so.


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